Historic Scale Diorama of Monterey County Railroads

A Marvelous Display Awaits!

Come explore the museum's famous HO scale layout that faithfully recreates the rail lines of the Monterey and Salinas Valley in the 1950s and 1960s. From King City to Watsonville, steam engines to diesel power, and much more, the diorama offers a little something for everyone. Each landmark contains a small sign with historical information nearby, so you can learn about the industrial past of Monterey County and its transportation. Look below for images directly from the layout to get a taste of the experience! (Photos by Randy Hawkinson)



See photos of Salinas in Google Pictures.


See photos of Watsonville in Google Pictures.

Moss Landing

See photos of Moss Landing in Google Pictures.

State Highway 183

See photos of State Highway 183 in Google Pictures.


See photos of Castroville in Google Pictures.

Logan Quarry

See photos of Logan Quarry in Google Pictures.