Monterey and Salinas
Valley Railroad Museum

Our Mission

The Monterey and Salinas Valley Railraod Museum is dedicated to creating & maintaining a Railroad Museum in Salinas with an emphasis on the historic, contemporary and future value of the Railroad to the Salinas Valley and Monterey Bay  Regions, providing experiential educational opportunities for children  of all ages enhancing the core curriculum and inspiring civic involvement in our communities.

Schedule 2016
Month Date
 Time Dates
 Oct 7th 5 to 8 PM 2 & 3
10 to  4
 Nov 4th 5 to 8 PM 5 & 6
10 to  4
 Dec 2nd 5 to 8 PM 3 & 4
10 to  4
 Schedule 2017
Jan    6th 5 to 8 PM7th & 8th
10 to  4
 3rd         5 to 8 PM4th & 5th
10 to  4
 5 to 8 PM 4th & 5th
 10 to  4
 Apr 7th 5 to 8 PM 8th & 9th
 10 to  4
 May 5th 5 to 8 PM 6th & 7th
 10 to  4
 Jun 2nd 5 to 8 PM 3rd 7 4th
 10 to  4

Our Railway Express Building

The Monterey and Salinas Valley Railroad Museum has entered into an agreement with the City of Salinas to occupy the Railway Express Agency  building. We will, with the help of the City, restore the  building to its 1940's appearance. This "sweat equity" project will qualify us for a long term commitment from the City of Salinas.

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